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Stationery industry into upgrading from made in China to created in China in transition


During the world economic crisis and Europe's debt crisis after a spate of, lack of economies in Europe and sluggish market demand, product import and export in foreign trade in Guangdong province which is also mired in "down Valley", and in March was once recorded a decrease depth of 38.7% until June, import and export of Guangdong Province ended since December 2013 for 6 consecutive months decline reversed the momentum for growth. Export-oriented Guangdong stationery industry also affected in 2014, Canton and Guangzhou international exhibition of stationery, including foreign businessmen enterprises generally reflects the lack of willingness to purchase, order form and the short form for a much smaller, coupled with domestic labor and wages continued to rise, on the stationery of the labor-intensive enterprises has caused a great deal of pressure.

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