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The future culture of the stationery market from selling products to


With macroeconomic characteristics growing overcapacity, homogeneous product market competition, only through the soft power of culture in order to win the market. Different from small stationery business remain in the early stages of development, many stationery companies have gone through from the initial sell products, sell products, sold the brand to sell cultural development road, are now preparing to take power of culture open to spread and create world famous national brand. As with many small stationery enterprises, for stationery companies, at the beginning of the creation of enterprises will always turns around the product, which allows enterprises to complete the initial capital accumulation. But a long period of time, shortcomings of this model is gradually revealed, sales continue to produce hundreds of millions of pieces of "explosive" stationery as well as in competitive stationery market there will be many "shanzhai product", a market rush, make products out of fashion.

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