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Eraser Can Erase Pencil Words

People use eraser, and now only two hundred years of history.

The eraser can erase the pencil, which was first discovered by 1770 British scientist Priestley. Before that, people use a sponge to erase the pencil. Sponge covered with holes, and soft, flexible, with its water is very good, but use it to brush pencil writing, but can not be satisfactory.

The discovery of Pristelli caused a great sensation because it brought great convenience to people. But the earliest rubber is made of natural rubber, rub the word can not afford to debris, but the end of the pencil on the rubber, the more rub the more dirty. Later, people in the production of rubber by adding sulfur and oil and other substances, so that the rubber is easy to fall off, the eraser of the pencil with the debris leaving the rubber, so that the rubber can often keep clean, Dirty.

Magical method

Clever carved shoes

Many owners are always on the car door shoes feel troubled, light interior is good-looking, but the door and other parts of the total and ultimately by their own or passengers do not pay attention to the shoes under the rubbing. Their own with a variety of cleaning agents have tried, shallow also OK, but some obvious traces are difficult to remove. Many owners have spent a lot of money to the car beauty center specifically made a clean, not only the same effect is not ideal, not a few days the new shoe prints and produced.

For the shoe on the door, eraser has a magical cleaning effect. Gently wipe, and then stubborn shoe prints will disappear without a trace, and completely no corrosion, the price is only 1/100 of the cleaning agent, while small size, not the place.

Clever switch off the spark

Electric lights, electrical appliances and other switches in the open when the spark occurs, you can cut off the power, the switch open, the switch will be on the copper-like black spots, you can use a rubbish rubber, A few times, you can eliminate the spark.

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