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Eraser Magical Method

The rubber is made of rubber and can erase the traces of graphite or ink. A wide variety of rubber, shape and color are different, there are ordinary fragrant rubber, there are painting with 2B, 4B, 6B and other models of art for rubber, and plastic rubber and so on.

Main species

Today, a wide range of eraser to meet the different needs, there are ordinary fragrant rubber, there are painting with 2B, 4B, 6B and other models of art for rubber, and plastic rubber and so on.

Some pencils have a small eraser at the end of the pencil. These erasers are mostly pink, the surface is smooth gum. They have good performance on most occasions, but they sometimes break the paper. If you focus too much, eraser also have the opportunity to break the paper. When the handwriting is wiped off, the eraser will leave the residue on the paper. If the mismanance is good, these debris will leave traces on paper.

Another eraser is a commonly used brown eraser, made of soft and rough rubber. It is designed to facilitate the removal of large areas of traces, and will not break the paper. But this eraser does not erase the handwriting effectively and accurately.

Another artist commonly used eraser called soft rubber. It is mainly made of a gray material, and rubber with rubber. Its strength so that it will not leave the residue, so its life than other eraser to long. It removes the handwriting by "absorbing" the graphite. This eraser can not only wipe the handwriting (in fact it can accurately remove the handwriting), it can also be used to highlight the important part or make the work more detailed. However, it is not good at removing large areas of handwriting, and if excessive heat will stain or even stick to paper.

The soft polyvinyl rubber eraser has a plastic texture and has the same function as an ordinary pink eraser. These erasers are more soft than the pink eraser, so it is less likely to damage the paper. Polyvinyl eraser is generally white.

working principle

The working principle is the use of rubber molecules and other substances between the molecules prone to force, and the rubber itself soft texture, does not destroy the paper. In daily life, even if the writing is the same text, we can tell which pencil is written, which is written in a pen. And write the word with a pencil and write the word with a pen, you must take a different rubber to wipe them off.

Written in a pencil, the handwriting remains on the surface of the paper, and does not penetrate into the interior of the paper, but the pen is different. When writing with a pen, the handwriting will be dipped into the fiber inside the paper, the paper dyed ink color.

When writing with an eraser pencil, it is actually a pencil written on a paper (made of pencil powder). As long as the eraser with a rubber, along the rubber "footprint" pencil handwriting disappeared, that is, rubber on the pencil powder adsorption force, greater than the paper on the pencil powder adsorption. When writing with a pen, wipe the paper's surface and the inside of the paper (the ink in the paper), and the hard powder in the rubber. The working principle of this kind of rubber is like the same thing as using a file, but the eraser of the pencil is erupted by the action of friction.

Magical method

Clever carved shoes

Many owners are always on the car door shoes feel trouble, light interior is good-looking, but the door and other parts of the total and ultimately by their own or passengers do not pay attention to the shoes under the rubbing. Their own with a variety of cleaning agents have tried, shallow also OK, but some obvious traces are difficult to remove. Many owners have spent a lot of money to the car beauty center specifically made a clean, not only the same effect is not ideal, not a few days the new shoe printed on it again.

For the shoe on the door, the eraser has a magical cleaning effect. Gently wipe, and then stubborn shoe prints will disappear without a trace, and completely no corrosion, the price is only 1/100 of the cleaning agent, while small size, not the place.

Clever switch off the spark

Electric lights, electrical switches and other switches in the open when the spark, you can cut off the power, the switch will be opened, the switch will be on the copper-black spots, you can use a rubbish rubber, A few times, you can eliminate the spark.

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