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Eraser Origin

The white bag, the light sofa or even the walls are dirty. Can not use water to wash, easy to crack, how to do that, specifically for someone to clean and seem to be very trouble, don't try so hard, as long as can do with a small rubber piece, bags, sofa and other leather products can use a rubber to rub, also will not damage the surface, mobile phone shell can also use the eraser oh has many, many places are can use eraser to wipe.

The correct use of

The primary school pupil wiped the wrong word, this want to wipe quick and clean, often is to use rubber dip saliva, then go to wipe, just the contrary, the wrong word erase, the book also rotten. Especially the students who draw pictures, the sketch backlight part, often painted, the painting is tired, painting dirty, at this time, if still repeatedly eraser, even dip saliva, that can be broken!

Correct method, it should be: repeatedly on a piece of blank paper first dry brush, wipe out a lot of "rubber", then put the noodles son gently fell in to erase parts, then wipe gently with the rubber on the face, in a short time, will be clean, and don't damage the paper!!!!

The principle of

The pencil core is made of graphite and clay. Graphite soft, black, easy to attach to the paper, so can write word. The rubber is very soft, the friction is big, and there is some stickiness. It can be rubbed on paper, it can stick the handwriting on it, and it won't damage the paper surface, so the pencil can be erased by eraser. If you write with a ballpoint pen, ink will penetrate into the paper, and it won't be easy to erase.


People use erasers, and now only two hundred years old.

The eraser erased the pencil and was first discovered by British scientist Priestley in 1770. Before that, people used bread to erase their pencils.

The discovery of Priestley made a big splash because it brought great convenience to people. But the earliest rubber was made of natural rubber, which did not drop the crumbs, but just glued the pencil to the eraser, the more dirty it was. Later, people joined the sulphur and oil in the production of rubber material, it is easy to drop crumbs, rubber erased pencil as the crumbs left at the end of the rubber, so that rubber can often keep it clean, don't put the paper dirty.

The development history

In 1770 Joseph Priestley, a British scientist, said: "I saw a substance that was very suitable to erase pencil writing." At the time, the whole of Europe was using a small cube of rubber to erase the handwriting, which was called an eraser.

Another British engineer, EdwardNaime, was thought to have invented the eraser, also in 1770. Before that, people used sponges to erase handwriting. Naime said he had accidentally picked up a piece of rubber and found it worked well, so he started making and selling erasers.

Early eraser is not easy, since raw rubber tends to rot. Until 1839, inventor CharlesGoodyear found that vulcanization improves the quality of rubber, and erasers become reliable.

A man from the Philadelphia 1858 because the eraser and obtained a patent at the end of the pencil, but then it comes with a pencil eraser because was judged to be "just the two existing embedded together rather than new product" patent were disqualified.

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