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Eraser The Production

Rubber leaves large bright, evergreen, is Sangke's evergreen trees, potted plants are decorated with a good room. Small and medium-sized plants are often used to beautify the living room, Eraser study; large plants are suitable for not knowing the large building on both sides of the hall and the lobby of the central, it is particularly magnificent. Rubber tree easy to feed, so it is also a lot of lazy or no time to take care of the people of choice.Eraser Here to enjoy the next rubber tree pictures, feel it vitality of the vitality of it

Although the rubber tree is better maintenance, but still know how to keep the rubber tree, what precautions, the role of rubber tree which. Rubber tree farming methods and precautions have the following points:

1, the soil, potting should be used 1 copies of leaf mold, Eraser 1 garden soil and 1 river sand, and add a small amount of base fertilizer dubbed nutrient soil.

2, temperature and light, rubber tree hi sunny environment, Eraser to ensure adequate light, if the summer sun is relatively strong, pay attention to shade. Hi high temperature, suitable temperature 20 ~ 32 ℃, not less than 10 ℃.

3, watering, rubber tree adaptability, Eraser usually as long as a simple watering, keep the pot quit, but the summer high temperature, should be appropriate and more water.

4, pruning, let the plant grow evenly, plant type beautiful, Eraser should pay attention to pruning some dead branches, withered leaves.

5, nitrogen fertilizer can be the main compound fertilizer can be applied or irrigation fertilizer can be, but fertilization must be in the ambient temperature between 18 ~ 30 ℃.

6, pest control, common diseases for the carbon myiasis, Eraser mainly in the summer high temperature season, leaf damage, veins on both sides of the round or oval gray spots, the solution: combined with pruning, removal of diseased branches, sick leaves and shoots , Reduce the pathogen, pay attention to transparent light, can be sprayed 1% Bordeaux liquid. Pests mainly red spider, winter, ground water and wipe the leaves can be effectively prevented. Spraying the drug can be controlled.

The role of rubber tree in addition to a very high ornamental value, Eraser can beautify the indoor home, seductive, it also has a unique function of the rubber tree dust purification, but also can purify the volatile organic formaldehyde.

Knowledge about the rubber tree to give you here, and read the introduction of this article, I believe we also know how to support the rubber tree, to be more healthy, lush it. Eraser The role of the rubber tree is still very large, at home, put a pot of rubber tree potted plants, Eraser both beautify the environment, but also to the family to create fresh air, no pollution, is the best choice for indoor potted plants. I hope you like Xiaobian share the rubber tree pictures.

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