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Eraser The Way To Find The Bottom

Eraser will be prepared in advance a small rubber block hanging on the hook, so that the weight through the virtual bottom fall on the hard "solid bottom", so that the drift first stay in their own want to adjust the number of catches, and then take the small rubber block you will find: Drift changed! Originally is 4 eyes, Eraser now is 6 eyes or 8 eyes, this is to find the bottom of the small rubber block of at the bottom of the surface, Eraser but in the virtual bottom of the bottom of the "real"! Therefore, at this time, first, let the drift of the empty hook or bait to stay in their own want to adjust the number of fishing, and then explore the fishing;

With a small rubber block to find the bottom, there are 2 reasons: one is not to fall off without reason, the bottom to find the right, the second can be based on drift, Eraser the weight of the bait, the soft and hard end of the use of different weights of the rubber block, very convenient. The size and weight of the rubber block should be selected to buoy 2-3 of the weight of the need to be appropriate, Eraser or slightly larger than the bait weight, in the drift to display the target can be more than 1 or 2 of the target can be, overweight or too light is not good.

If it is a fishing spirit, you can hang the rubber block on the lower hook to find the bottom; To ensure that the bottom can be found, the reverse validation method can be used to test.

For example, adjust 5 mesh to catch 5 eyes. Hook hanging rubber block double crochet in the end, get the drift out of the water is 5 eyes, Eraser and then move the drift down 1 eyes, see if it becomes 4 mesh, if not changed, the description has been looked for the bottom. The way to adjust is to move the buoy down until it becomes 4, Eraser then move the buoy up 1 eyes and return it to the 5 mesh position. In this way, you can ensure that you don't overdo it.

After the bait, if the weight of the bait than the bottom of the rubber block light, the buoy will rise one points, can then move the buoy down to 5 head, also can temporarily do not move buoy, so first catch, see buoy action and the effect of the fish adjustment is not too late. For is not found the bottom, some people always feel not steadfast, in the heart not bottom. My practice is, Eraser I would rather spend more time, must find the bottom of the truth, do not make it. Especially fishing carp, pay attention not to let the bait fall in the virtual bottom is very important, because Crucian carp is not carp, there is no digging mud foraging ability, they are to see food, no longer find ...

Finally, in actual fishing there is also a proof of the effectiveness of the bottom, that is mainly to look at the previous several fish: must see whether the fish is in the bait or the hook, Eraser if the bait is always the fish, it means that the next hook is still in the "virtual bottom" layer, it will drift down a little bit, carry the bait up and then try again ... Until the next hook is also in the fish, that means your search for the bottom is successful!

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