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Eraser Use Correctly

Home white bag, light-colored sofa and even dirty wall how to do it Can not be washed with water, easy to crack, then how to do, specifically looking for people clean and seem very troublesome, do not worry, as long as the use of a small rubber can get, bags, sofas and other leather products can be rubbed with rubber Will not damage the surface, the phone shell can also be used eraser Oh there are many, many places can be used to wipe the rubber.

use correctly

Primary school students rub the wrong words, wanted to wipe the fast and clean, often with a rubber dipped in spit, and then to rub, on the contrary, typos erased, the book is rotten. Especially the painting of students, sketch part of the sketch, often painted, painted tired, dirty painting, and this time, if still kept rubbing, or even dipped in saliva, it may be broken!

The correct way should be: first in a blank paper repeatedly dry wipe, wipe out a lot of "rubber surface", then the side of the child gently down to prepare to wipe the site, and then use the rubber on the face of children gently rub , Soon, will be clean, and that does not damage the paper!


The pencil is made of graphite and clay. Graphite soft, dark color, easy to attach to the paper, so can write the word. Rubber is very soft, friction, and some sticky, wipe on paper, can write to write the word sticky, and will not damage the paper, so you can erase the pencil with a rubber word. If you write with a ballpoint pen, the ink will penetrate into the paper, it is not easy to wipe away.


In 1770, the British scientist Joseph Plistry said: "I see a very suitable for wiping pencil handwriting material."

At that time, the whole of Europe are cut into small cubes of rubber particles to wipe the handwriting. This substance is called an eraser.

Another British engineer Edward Naime was considered to be invented eraser, the time is also in 1770. Prior to this, people used bread crumbs to wipe the handwriting. Naime said he had picked up a piece of rubber in unintentionally as bread crumbs but found it worked well and began to produce and sell the eraser.

The initial eraser is not easy, because the unprocessed rubber is easy to rot. Until 1839, inventor Charles Goodyear found that vulcanization can improve the quality of rubber, rubber eraser can become reliable.

In 1858 a man from Philadelphia made a patent because he inserted the eraser in the tail of the pencil, but then the pencil with the eraser was judged to be "just two things that had been embedded Not a new product ".

The eraser is the English name in the UK and Australia, the eraser is called rubber; but in the United States, rubber is one of the common names of the condom, while the eraser is called eraser. This is often used by Americans to joke. Today's various types of eraser to meet the different needs.

Some pencils have a small eraser at the end of the pencil. These erasers are mostly pink, the surface is smooth gum. They have good performance on most occasions, but they sometimes make paper. If the effort is too heavy, eraser also have the opportunity to break the paper. When the handwriting is wiped off, the eraser will leave the residue on the paper. If the mismanance is good, these debris will leave traces on paper.

Another eraser is commonly used by the artist's brown eraser, made of soft and rough rubber. It is designed to facilitate the removal of large areas of traces, and will not break the paper. But this eraser does not erase the handwriting effectively and accurately.

Another artist commonly used eraser called soft rubber. It is mainly made of a gray material, and rubber with rubber. Its strength so that it will not leave the residue, so its life than other eraser to long. It removes the handwriting by "absorbing" the graphite. This eraser can not only wipe the handwriting (in fact it can accurately remove the handwriting), it can also be used to highlight the important part or make the work more detailed. However, it is not good at removing large areas of handwriting, and if excessive heat will stain or even stick to paper.

The soft polyvinyl rubber eraser has a plastic texture and has the same function as an ordinary pink eraser. These erasers are softer than the pink eraser, so it is less likely to damage the paper. Polyvinyl eraser is generally white.

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