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Eraser Very Convenient

The eraser can erase the pencil, which was discovered in 1770 by British scientist Priest. Eraser Before that, people rubbed the pen with bread. Eraser The discovery of Priest caused a great sensation because it brought great convenience to people. But the earliest rubber is made of natural rubber, Eraser rub the word can not afford to debris, but the end of the pencil on the rubber, the more rub the more dirty. Later, people in the production of rubber by adding sulfur and oil and other substances, so that the rubber is easy to fall off, Eraser the eraser pencil with the debris to leave the rubber, so that the rubber can often keep clean, Dirty.

Eraser tool, mainly used to erase unnecessary pixels, Eraser if the background layer is erased, the background color is what color rub out what color; if the layer above the background layer to erase, This layer of color erasure will show the next layer of color. Erase the size of the pen can be in the right of the brush to choose a suitable pen.

1, you can wipe the pencil traces, Eraser modify the wrong word, and now some can wipe the pen traces.

2, some rubber is very beautiful, Eraser can be used as a gift or handicrafts.

3, you can also wipe shoes, cars and other things on the underworld.

Some pencils have a small eraser at the end of the pencil. These erasers are mostly pink, the surface is smooth gum. They have good performance on most occasions, Eraser but they sometimes make paper. If the effort is too heavy, the eraser also has the opportunity to break the paper. When the handwriting is wiped off, the eraser will leave the residue on the paper. If the mismanance is good, Eraser these debris will leave traces on paper.

Another eraser is a commonly used brown rubber eraser, made of soft and rough rubber. It is designed to facilitate the removal of large areas of traces, Eraser and will not break the paper. But this eraser does not erase the handwriting effectively and accurately.

Another artist commonly used eraser called soft rubber. It is mainly made of a gray material, and rubber with rubber. Its strength so that it will not leave the residue, Eraser so its life than other eraser to long. It removes the handwriting by "absorbing" the graphite. This eraser can not only wipe the handwriting (in fact it can accurately remove the handwriting), it can also be used to highlight the important part or make the work more detailed. However, Eraser it is not good at removing large areas of handwriting, and if excessive heat will stain or even stick to paper.

The soft polyvinyl rubber eraser has a plastic texture and has the same function as an ordinary pink eraser. These erasers are more soft than the pink eraser, Eraser so it is less likely to damage the paper. Polyvinyl eraser is generally white.

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