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Eraser Very Convenient

The eraser can erase the pencil, Eraser which was discovered in 1770 by British scientist Priest. Before that, people rubbed the pen with bread. The discovery of Priest caused a great sensation because it brought great convenience to people. But the earliest rubber is made of natural rubber, rub the word can not afford to debris, Eraser but the end of the pencil on the rubber, the more rub the more dirty. Later, people in the production of rubber by adding sulfur and oil and other substances, so that the rubber is easy to fall off, the eraser of the pencil with the debris leaving the rubber, Eraser so that the rubber can often keep clean, Dirty.

Eraser tool, mainly used to erase unnecessary pixels, if the background layer is erased, the background color is what color rub out what color; Eraser if the layer above the background layer to erase, Eraser will This layer of color erasure will show the next layer of color. Erase the size of the pen can be in the right of the brush to choose a suitable pen.

1, you can wipe the pencil traces, Eraser modify the wrong word, and now some can wipe the pen traces.

2, some rubber is very beautiful, can be used as a gift or handicrafts.

3, you can also wipe shoes, cars and other things on the underworld.

Rubber: A highly resilient polymer material with reversible deformation. Elastic at room temperature, under the action of a small external force can produce large deformation, remove the external force can restore the original state.Eraser Rubber is a completely amorphous polymer, Eraser its glass transition temperature (Tg) is low, the molecular weight is often large, more than hundreds of thousands.

The word rubber comes from the Indian language cau-uchu, meaning "the tree of tears". Natural rubber is by the three-leaf rubber tree tapping out of the latex through the solidification, Eraser drying and obtained. In 1770, the British chemist J. Priestley found that rubber can be used to wipe the pencil writing, when the use of this material is called rubber, this word has been used so far. The molecular chain of rubber can be cross-linked, after the cross-linked rubber by external force deformation, with rapid recovery ability, Eraser and has good physical and chemical properties and chemical stability. Rubber is the basic raw material of the rubber industry, widely used in the manufacture of tires, hoses, Eraser tapes, cables and other rubber products.

Rubber is divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber. According to the shape is divided into block raw rubber, latex, liquid rubber and powder rubber.Eraser Latex rubber colloidal water dispersion; Eraser liquid rubber for the rubber oligomers, not vulcanized before the general for the viscous liquid; powder rubber is latex processed into powder, to facilitate the preparation and processing production. In the 1960s, Eraser the development of thermoplastic rubber, without chemical vulcanization, and the use of thermoplastic processing methods. Rubber is divided into general and special types.

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