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Gel Pens Scope Of Application

Gel Pens Use grade hydrogen peroxide, carbomer, nanometer S1o2 05, xylitol, Menthol, extract, deionized water, etc.

Scope of application:

1,Gel Pens smoking, drinking tea, coffee, chewing betel nuts, drinking water and food caused by yellow teeth, black teeth, gray teeth.

2, aging sex teeth, black teeth, gray teeth.

3, light,Gel Pens moderate four-ring teeth, dental fluorosis and other causes of yellow teeth, black teeth, gray teeth and so on.


1, enamel incomplete, Gel Pens dentin exposed and teeth loose, incomplete, severe allergies and children, pregnant women and other prohibited.

2, if due to inadvertently whitening condensation on the skin or clothing, should be timely rinse with water.

3, whitening condensation Gel Pens after use to cover the head in time, lest affect the next use effect.

4, after the drying device moisture placed in the children's reach of the place for safekeeping, for the next use.

Operation Steps:

1, first anti-allergy toothpaste or tooth thoroughly brushing, Gel Pens open cold box, take out a piece of tooth rub, the tooth surface of the teeth dry

2, remove the silica gel cold light, Gel Pens the super whitening condensation evenly squeezed in the cold light meter on both sides, near the middle of the position to expand the teeth and cold light on the gel full contact.

3, the two-section 5th battery Press positive and negative tips into the battery box, cover the battery cover, take out the data line, connect the gel of silicone teeth coated with good battery box, Gel Pens turn on the switch, the cold light emitting light blue light.

4, the cold light instrument into the mouth, and the teeth gently bite the middle of the light instrument, so that whitening condensation close to the tooth surface.

5, about 30 minutes to remove the cold light Miriam fully gargle, at the same time take out mouthwash, probably use a bottle of mouthwash full mouthwash, at the same time take out mouthwash, probably use a bottle of mouthwash full mouthwash, increase teeth whitening effect, protect the gums, Gel Pens if the tooth no allergic reaction can then be a whitening to improve whitening effect.

Warm hint:

1, rinse thoroughly, the tooth surface water should be wiped with paper towel, Gel Pens whitening gel should be evenly coated.

2, the luminous instrument to close to the tooth surface, Gel Pens whitening when the best supine, so as to avoid the saliva dilution whitening condensation and reduce whitening effect.

3, every morning and evening to carry out a whitening, whitening every 30 minutes or so.

4, the individual in the whitening of mild allergy is normal phenomenon, whitening after the end will disappear naturally, if the allergy more serious should reduce the number of times or stop use, use other methods whitening.

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