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Pen Different Form

Pen regular script strokes are Tinton, possession of Lu, Pen radius, speed and other pen method. Different pen method to produce different forms, Pen texture lines, different lines need a different way to reflect the pen. Pen script book shape smaller, little change in line thickness, if writing a pen with a little attention, strokes can not meet the requirements, strokes will appear weak, Pen stiff and other problems. Therefore, you must go through rigorous training to master the pen method.

Pen regular script of each stroke of the pen and pen to be clearly confused, Pen neat norms, clean and neat, can not be scribbled, sticky. But between strokes and strokes should have an inner echo relationship, so that strokes to achieve: both up and down orderly, pen clear, Pen solid and powerful, and stop and straight, not stiff, curved and not weak, smooth and natural.

Pen regular script in the structure of the emphasis on stroke and the first balanced distribution, the center of gravity is smooth, the proportion of appropriate, Pen correct shape, in line with norms. Words and words together when the size of the same name, neat lines. Pen Although there are also morphological changes, but on the whole is still neat and neat.

White fence or those very bright colors of the fence can be blank. The background will bring out its outline. With a few layers of watercolor thin coating (from the lightest color to the deepest color) superimposed to draw, Pen each layer of coating to wait for a layer completely dry and then painted. The foreground of each painting is a texture effect with a pen and ink painting.

Because the trees grow naturally and experience the wind and the sun, Pen so when you draw these trees you can boldly imagine. Here is a kind of interesting and interesting techniques - straw blowing method.

Use a small round brush to draw the initial ink droplets in the appropriate position to blow out the ink lines. Through the straw to blow out a line of ink droplets. Pen Blow out the branches with small ink droplets. Remember to leave some leaves in the middle of the trunk and branches.

Draw a leafy shade tree or fruit tree, Pen first with a pencil to simply outline the trunk, branches and crown of the basic shape

Use colored tones to paint the different parts of the tree. If the tree grows flowers or fruit, draw flowers and fruit first, and then draw leaves, trunks and branches.

Mix some of the pee gray in the green paint so that it is darker and dipped in a mixed pigment with a No. 4 round brush in the shaded area. Mixed with two or more different shades of green, Pen showing the depth of the tree cluster. Draw the trunks of trunks with thicker brownish watercolors.

It is not difficult to draw modern highways into nostalgic country trails. Pen By comparing the reference pictures and paintings, we can find that as long as the road painting is narrower, Pen the asphalt road color and texture into a gravel road on it.

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