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Pen Effect

A pen is a pen-like writing tool that uses metal as a pen and sells ink (mostly black or blue) through a hollow pen, through gravity and capillaries, Pen and then written by a duckbill tip. The earliest historical record about the water jar can be traced back to the 10th century, Pen and this earliest water-filled pen was used until the 18th century. Until the early nineteenth century, in the production process invented a stable flow of the pen, the key depends on the three inventions: iridium made of gold pen tip, hard rubber and free flowing ink

The first use of the above three key inventions of the pen, about to be manufactured in the 1850s. But until the 1880s, began mass production. France's Waterman and Wirt were the main producers of the time. In the early 20th century, American pens were imported into China. Pen Then there were "Pelikan", "Sheffer" and "Parker" brands, all of which came in.

The pen tip can be said to be the most critical part of the pen, Pen from fine to coarse, all kinds of changes are, the most common pen tip size to "B (Broad thick), M (Medium thick), FM (Fine- Medium fine), F (fine fine) and EF (Extra-Fine special), mainly from coarse to fine is B> M> F> EF, pen tip size of each pen factory in the specifications will also have some The difference. And in the same size unit, the Japanese pen pen tip than the European pen tip fine.

According to the usual writing habits, Pen Westerners in the use of more than M pen tip, and the signature selection of B pen tip. Chinese writing because the stroke is complicated, generally can be used F or finer EF tip.

Pen pen pen points around the two pieces of metal, Pen by the combination of metal, and then by the pen to connect, so as to write text, the standard pen on both sides of the metal should be completely consistent, Pen some of the pen at the end of the bend, of course, some pen is straight of.

The general pen after the hands of the water can be used normally, Pen do not need to say as a new person to take a new bubble. Of course, sometimes it will inevitably encounter the pen is not water or dry tip of the situation, this time a little deal is necessary. The general need to clean the pen is to buy back after the pen, because some pen in the factory inspection pen tip or in the counter after the customer test pen ink is not cleaned, a long time the composition of the ink condensation, plug the pen tip Ink tank, Pen so it will lead to poor water. This situation needs to remove the pen tip, into the warm water (avoid boiling water) soak for half an hour, Pen and then dry, installed after the general can be used normally. If still not, can extend the soaking time. Or do not need to remove the pen metal sheet, and then use a small brush to clean the pen tongue on the back of the ink tank and the entire capillary structure (that is, the top part of the pen tip of those small cracks). Pen Out of water is also likely to be the reason for the pen tip itself. Pen One is the tip of the tip of the pen tip is too narrow, this time can usually write when the pen posture will be slightly under the pen tip pressure, to maintain one to two seconds, or can use thin blade to expand the stitch, but be careful. The second reason is that the ink tank is too narrow, Pen this time you need to use a thin blade to expand the ink tank, the same should be careful. Some new pens, just started with some water will be poor, it is because the new pen factory is like this, not too nervous. After writing two or three days, Pen the pen on the grinding, and will write a lot.

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