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Pen Good Results

Practice Pen Word, Pen for the pupil, as well as some fonts have not stereotyped young people, generally easier than adults. This is because they are easy to accept the new font, once the correct guidance, choose the right font, the correct method, and then have a consistent attitude, Pen in the short term will receive good results.

For adults with stereotyped fonts, it's not so easy to practice pen words. Because they did not pay attention to the word good or bad, some ugly or even wrong writing has become a vice, Pen it is difficult to correct. They now want to practice the word, but often only in the existing font tinkering, choose and their own similar fonts on the about, so often good did not learn, the bad did not lose, even more practice more ugly.

So how do you get these people to practice their words? My experience: First, they must completely forget the previous font, starting from scratch, from the most basic point of practice. Then practice the structure. For the pen word, the most important is the structural problem, Pen structure the good or bad directly affects the character beautiful. So it is important to write the pen character structure. But now there is a very difficult problem to solve, that is, it is hard to forget the previous font, in the Linte process often brought old habits into the new font. To change this situation, the best way is first to choose with their previous font load different letters in the facsimile. Practice block letters for a positive shape, practice for a two-week or more time, it can be positive. When the shape is right, should also choose with my original font is very different, Pen and is oneself think the beautiful cursive script copybook to copy. such as the previous font of the formal choice of unrestrained copybook, such as font rambling choice of rigorous copybook, such as the font of a stiff choice of copybook, such as the font soft sliding choice of a strong copybook, if the font is bloated choose a comely copybook ... You can learn new fonts by practicing for 2-3 months. In the study often encountered such problems, in the first few days progress is fast, but after a period of time to think the more write worse, this is the normal phenomenon. At this time to be calm, continue to practice, Pen and after a period of effort, you can get out of the predicament and on the track. The purpose of copying is to forget the previous words, to remember the words on copybook and apply them. After this, it is necessary to arrange word and word, the relationship between line and line, Pen that is, the so-called composition of the white cloth. It is enough for those who want to write more beautifully, and who do not want to be successful in this respect. This is my experience in learning, and also introduced these experiences to others, the effect is good.

If you want to make some achievements in the art of pen calligraphy, it will not be achieved overnight. Not only must draw on the brush calligraphy pen, structure, the composition, the spirit and so on, but also must give full play to the pen intrinsic characteristic. Only in this way, can prosperity pen calligraphy art, can make her have a strong and permanent vitality. Otherwise, pen calligraphy can only be a vassal of brush calligraphy, can not be developed, some innovation, there will be no strong, permanent vitality.

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