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Pen Ink Absorption Principle

The pen is a widely used writing tool and was invented in the early 19th century. The pen is made of metal and is smooth and elastic. There is a clear trademark number and model on the pen cover or tip surface. It is also divided into water fountain pen and fountain pen.

Structural components

The tip of

Pen nib, can saying is the most critical part of the pen, Fine to coarse, all kinds of changes are, in general the most common pen nib size to "B (Broad), M (Medium), FM (Fine - Medium Fine), F (Fine), and EF (Extra - Fine thin)" is given priority to, from coarse to Fine is B > M > > EF F, the tip size of each pen factory will also have some differences in size. Under the same size, the pen of the Japanese pen will be smaller than that of the European pen.

In accordance with the usual writing habits, westerners use pen tips mainly on the pen, while the signature is written with a B tip. In Chinese writing, because of the multifarious writing, you can usually use F or a finer EF tip.

Hold a

The component of a tubular material, a fixed pen and a pen tongue is called a grip. Hold close to grip the comfort, in addition to the common circular cross section, a variety of ergonomic design also often contain the designers think of opportunely, the other with the friction force of bit, hard and soft, the feel is closely related to size, shape, and writing.

A pencil

The tubular structure connecting the holder with the inking device is called a penholder. The material of pen rod, modelling is changeful. There are general dimensions and short bars in the design, and the pen cover is set on the end of the pen, the length of the pen is more comfortable to hold and write.

Upper water/storage mechanism

The upper water/ink mechanism can be inked in ink, cartridge type ink pipe, piston top ink, ink absorber, pressure capsule, ink on rod, ink on submarine, etc.

Trickle-down inking ink directly stored in a rear pen tube, refill ink unscrew when holding a dropper will ink directly into the barrel, advantage is that store large amount of ink, the drawback is easy ooze ink pollution.

Card cartridge ink hoses is encapsulated in an airtight will ink ink, is used to install in holding a rear, using protrudes from holding a rear guide refill tube thorn PoMo pipe sealing, open or closed the ink pipe beads to make the ink to flow along the guide refill tube tip. Closed ink hoses beads there is another function: because conduit of ink volume is not large, the remaining ink may not be enough to overcome the weight of the ink and ink adhesion between the pipe wall (capillarity), cause the ink accumulated in ink cannot flow into the pipes above the tip, while the ink tube beads with a book to write in ink tube of the exercise is enough to destroy the ink adhesion to the ink adhesion of pipe wall.

Piston inking, holding a rear connected a hollow sleeve, sleeve with a piston moving in pen tail of knobs can be affected by the control of the knobs in the sleeve before and after actuation, when the piston back for sleeve of stroke negative pressure can be via a pen will ink suction, and stored in the sleeve.

Pressure capsule on the ink, holding a rear connection quality of the ink sac of a rubber or silicone ink sac inside the space for store of ink, ink sac usually outside there will be a u-shaped reeds protect ink sac, through the reeds when inking extrusion ink sac discharge air, relieve pressure after the use of negative pressure suction ink ink sac reply to the original shape.

On the rod, the ink is a kind of deformation on the upper part of the pressure bag, and a pull rod is installed on the pen bar.

Crescent on the ink for pressure capsule on the ink of a deformation, installed on the shaft button one curved crescent shape), usually appressed to the arc of cogged pen is through the gap between the penholder and arc button, to prevent accidentally touch on ink mechanism, inking removed in cogged to press, crescent cogged oppression on the inside of the ink sac ink pen.

The ink on the coin is also a kind of deformation of the ink on the bag, a long hole in the pen, and the money is inserted into the long hole to press the ink on the ink in the pen.

Ink absorption, can be regarded as card cartridge ink water and ink or ink on pressure capsules on piston, and the front is combined with holding a card box, rear pressure capsule or piston on ink mechanism, only use the ink absorption device can remove the change the specification of the same card cartridge ink water pipe.

Ink absorption principle

When the air in the pen is squeezed out, the pressure inside the pen is smaller than the outside pressure, and the pressure of the air pushes the fountain pen.

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