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Pen Ink Absorption Principle

The pen is a widely used writing tool and was invented in the early 19th century. The pen is made of metal and is smooth and elastic. There is a clear trademark number and model on the pen cover or tip surface. It is also divided into water fountain pen and fountain pen.

There are many types and types of pens. According to the composition of pen tip, can be divided into gold pen, iridium pen two kinds.

The fountain pen

Using gold alloy, the pen point is soft, flexible and comfortable. But the price of gold pen is more expensive, the pen point is soft, and not good master, beginners should not use.

Iridium fountain pen

The pen is not gold, part of the pen is gold-plated, the tip is hard, but the quality is cheap, is the first learning to write the appropriate tool.

The tip of the pen, the tip of iridium, is more durable than the steel tip, and the secret is the small round grain on the tip of the pen. This little round particle is made of iridium ruthenium. It's very hard and hard to wear. According to the experiment of the gold pen factory in Shanghai, if the gold pen tips and the pen tip are put on the oil stone, one hour later, the gold tip will wear only 0.07 mm, while the steel tip will wear up to 5mm.

Although the price varies widely, the iridium of the tip is the alloy of the special alloy "iridium, ruthenium"! There's a lot of difference in smoothness because it's different in the way it's polished and the degree of sophistication. So in a sense, the gold pen is the same as the iridium fountain pen. But the production materials and feel different, this leads to the difference in price!

The ink contains a small amount of sulfuric acid, but this corrosive acid can pose a serious threat to the pen. If the tip of the pen is made of ordinary steel, it will not survive the corrosion of sulfuric acid. What metal can resist corrosion? Gold, iridium and stainless steel. Gold is a corrosion-resistant metal, and it is thought that it can be used to make steel nibs, but pure gold is too soft to be used directly for the pen. The pen, as we usually say, is alloy. The pen with a good pen is marked with 14K, which means that it contains 58% of gold, and silver and copper: 12K, which means 50% gold. In this way, not only the hardness, but also the elasticity is very good. The small silver round grain on the tip of the gold pen is called iridium granule. It is a kind of alloy, mainly iridium, and other rare metals, especially wear-resisting. Because when writing, it is all depends on it on paper, its life is often to "travel 10,000 miles". The tip of the iridium fountain pen is made of stainless steel. Luckily, the small round grain on the tip of the iridium fountain pen is identical to the gold pen. As a result, the iridium fountain pen is used almost as much as the gold pen, but the price is much cheaper. So the cheap and competitive iridium fountain pen is very popular. Ordinary dipping pens and pens, with no iridium inlaid on their pens, are much shorter in life.

Absorbing ink pen

Ink - sac pen no ink, insert a special ink sac, can be used.

Ink absorption principle

When the air in the pen is squeezed out, the pressure inside the pen is smaller than the outside pressure, and the pressure of the air pushes the fountain pen

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