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Pen Principle Of Ink Absorption

Pens are commonly used as writing tools, invented in the early 19th century. The pen is made of metal, written sleek and flexible, quite smooth. In the pen at the mouth or pen tip surface, there are obvious signs, model. Also divided into dipped in water pen and tap water pen, ink pen.

Grip position

The component formed by the tubular material and the fixed pen tip and the pen tongue is called the grip. Grip and grip comfort are closely related, in addition to the common circular section, a variety of ergonomic design also often contains the designer's ingenuity, the other grip of the friction, soft and hard, size, shape and Writing touch feel close.


The tubular structure that holds the gripping device is called a pen. Pen material, modeling changeable. Designed with a general size and short rod of the points, short pole of the pen when writing the pen cover set in the tail of the pen, the increase in length to hold, writing more comfortable.

Sheung Shui / ink storage mechanism

The water / ink storage mechanism has drip ink, cartridge type ink tube, piston ink, ink sucker, pressure bag ink, rod ink, submarine ink and so on.

The ink in the drip ink is stored directly in the pencil tube in the rear of the grip, and the ink is injected into the pen tube directly with the dropper when the ink is added. The advantage is that the ink storage amount is large and the disadvantage is that it is easy to pollute the ink.

The cartridge-type ink tube is to enclose the ink in a closed ink tube, and then installed in the rear of the grip, the use of protruding in the rear of the ink tube to puncture the ink tube sealing, or open the closed ink tube beads So that the ink can flow along the ink tube to the pen tip. There is a function of closing the ink tube: the ink may not be sufficient to overcome the adhesion (capillary phenomenon) between the ink and the ink tube due to the small volume of the ink tube, causing the ink to accumulate above the ink pipe The tip of the ink tube in the ink tube with the action of the movement in the ink tube that is sufficient to destroy the adhesion of the ink attached to the ink tube.

The piston on the ink, the rear of the grip to connect a hollow sleeve, the sleeve has a piston linked to the tip of the nail can be controlled by the knob in the sleeve before and after the action, when the piston back to facilitate the sleeve travel Negative pressure can be sucked and stored in the sleeve via the pen tip.

The inside of the ink bag is the space of the ink, and the inside of the ink bag is usually covered with a U-shaped reed to protect the ink bag, and the ink is circulated through the reed The vasoconstrictor discharges the air, and after the pressure is released, the ink is returned to the original shape by the ink bag.

Rod on the ink for the balloon on a deformation of the ink, in the pen on the installation of a rod, when the ink pull the rod against the pen inside the ink bag ink.

Crescent ink is also a deformation of the ball in the pressure on the pen on the installation of a curved (crescent) of the button, usually flat on the pen in the arc of the mortise through the pen and the arc between the buttons to Anti-touch ink mechanism, the ink when the removal of the tenon so that the crescent-shaped card tenon can be pressed, oppression pen inside the ink on the ink.

The coin is also a deformation of the ball in the pressure on the pen, open a long hole in the pen, the ink when the coins will be inserted into the long hole to squeeze the ink inside the ink cartridge.

Ink absorber, can be regarded as the cartridge-type ink tube and the piston on the ink or pressure on the ink of the complex, in front of the combination with the grip of the cassette, the rear of the ball or piston only ink mechanism, When you can also remove the same specifications of the cartridge type ink tube.

Principle of ink absorption

The pen in the air out of the pen, the pen in the air pressure is less than the outside pressure, the external pressure put the pen to squeeze into the water

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