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Pen Purging

The pen is a widely used writing tool and was invented in the early 19th century. The pen is made of metal and is smooth and elastic. There is a clear trademark number and model on the pen cover or tip surface. It is also divided into water fountain pen and fountain pen.

Selection methods

Some parameters can't be seen when we use a pen. But we can still use some of the techniques to get a good idea of a pen, and we take the best-selling pen in the market for example,

A, the nib slip can pull out the pen sleeve, take the pen to move on the white paper. The grinding difficulty of the general pen is the side. We do the experiment, with the left 30 degrees on the left and 30 degrees on the right. If it is still smooth, it indicates that the slip of the pen is guaranteed.

The main reason for the leakage is that it is not well sealed. We can jam the tip of the pen and squeeze the pen. If it feels very difficult to squeeze, it shows that the water resistance is very good. Of course, water resistance is a comprehensive parameter.

C, continuous writing time, and intermittent writing time are the soul of the good or bad pen. If you buy a pen, you can't guarantee continuous writing and intermittent writing, which is a waste. Depending on the width of the word, the writing time is different. But the necessary time is usually at least 30 minutes.

D, some mechanical properties, such as the grip of the pen, the mechanical properties of the parts, and the tension of the brush, all of which are of concern to the user. Mechanical properties generally do not require any instruments, and can be tested with hands. Users can pay attention to these details when choosing. Especially some expensive pens.

E, for the average user, the appearance of the pen is more concerned. Very fancy, the original idea that the average person chooses a pen. Like the gift pen, model and color matching, the gift pen is available in more than a thousand categories. Parker is also basically a month of three or four emerging styles, and it appears that the big pen makers are making a big deal out of the appearance.

From the user's point of view, choosing a pen is actually an art wash. Because the fountain pen manufacturer is undoubtedly an artist, the pen is the creation of art. It's a taste, a luxury. That makes sense.

The fountain of choose and buy

The tip of the pen is made of gold and alloy. At the tip of the pen, the fountain pen with iridium is soldered. It is called the fountain pen. The gold pen is divided into 12K and 14K according to the content of gold. Famous, famous brand the fountain, or pen tip surface in the cap mouth place, all have obvious trademark brand, model, in the packaging of goods, all have the quality inspection "certificate", the production factory name, origin and inspection personnel name or symbol mark, mark; At the back of the tip of the gold pen, there is a clear sign of gold insignees (that is, 12K or 14K).

Use the maintenance

The new pen to

Ordinary pen can be used in the water after hand, do not need to be like a person to say take a bubble new pen. Of course, sometimes it's hard to avoid the fountain pen with no water or a dry brush, so it's necessary to deal with it a little bit. Generally need to wash is to buy back after the ink of the pen, because some pen inspection before they go out when the tip or the customer at the counter after writing ink is not clean, after a long time in the ink composition condensation, blocked the pen nib ink guide groove, so will cause water not free. This situation needs to be removed from the tip of the pen, put in warm water (avoid boiling water) for half an hour, then dry, and then generally normal use. If not, extend the soaking time. If you can't, you'll need to remove the tip of the pen and then use a small brush to clean the guide slot and the entire capillary structure on the back of the tongue, which is the small slits on the plastic part of the pen. The bad water is probably the point of the pen itself. One is the tip of the front seam too narrow, then can press the battery will usually write when holding pen nib down, keep one to two seconds, or available thin blade expansion joint, but must be careful. The second reason is that the guide slot is too narrow, so you need to use a thin blade to enlarge the ink slot. Also be careful. Some of the new pens are just beginning to be used with a little bit of water. That's because the new pen is supposed to be that way, not to be too nervous. After two or three days of writing, the brush head is smoothed and it will be much better to write.


When writing, you should put some paper under the paper to enhance the flexibility of the tip and reduce friction. Don't write on hard materials such as metal, in case of damage to the tip. Avoid the use of different ink in daily use, so as not to cause sediment to clog the pen. The pen should be cleaned every month or so, keeping ink flowing smoothly, if you use carbon ink, you should wash it more. If the pen is not used for long time, it should be cleaned and kept. And don't overexert when writing.


In general cleaning, can repeatedly absorb water to drain and drain until the water is clean and dry. If there is a long interval for cleaning or cleaning of pens, separate parts should be removed separately. After the initial opening, it is divided into five parts: pen tip, converter (top ink/ink sac), grip pen, pen cap, pen holder. The latter two are generally not to be washed. And the tip of the metal parts and BiShe (inking structure) should also be further apart, the tip of metal rinse, whole structure and inking usable old toothbrush carefully scrub, and then into the warm water soak for one night. All parts are cleaned and dried until completely dry and sealed. Of course, different pen structure is different, not all the pen can be opened, for the pen that is difficult to break up, can only use the first method to clean, do not forcibly remove damaged pen.

Here we need to say that there is a curved pen called "calligraphy pen", which has the characteristics of large and small changes in the writing brush. When used, the pen lever is lower, the strokes are thick, but can write the bigger words; The pen sticks up a little, the stroke is fine, but write a little bit. This kind of pen is stronger than ordinary pen, often used to write envelopes and other larger fonts. But it is difficult to write with this pen, for beginners should not use it.

One last thing to note: don't wash your pens with boiling water or hot water, or they will hurt your pen. In particular, there are some well-known pen brands that use a material called "celluloid" to make pencil rods, such as baileys. Hot water can cause serious damage to this material! And don't let the water touch the tip of the pen, or it may cause the pen to become shallow or unable to write.

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