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Pen The Pen Body Design

The pen is a personalized commodity, a pen pen design, material, weight will directly affect its use of touch and writing lasting, because people are individual differences, strength size, palm size, finger length will affect You feel about the use of a pen.

A pen tip of the pen

1, the shape of the pen tip

The pen tip is the soul of a pen. Pen point in accordance with the shape of points, can be divided into tip and tip. Dark tip, it was also called "small tip", embedded type, known as the "big bag tip", open tip, also known as "sharp".

Selection of sharp or dark tip is mainly personal habits. But in general, beginners practice words, the best choice of dark tip, because the sharp, mosaic and many other are more flexible, the novice is not very good control. Sharp relative to the more beautiful atmosphere, but also to better express the changes in the thickness of the stroke, more suitable for a certain calligraphy based people.

2, the material of the pen tip

Nib according to the material to points, can be divided into stainless steel pen tip, iridium pen tip, gold pen tip three.

Stainless steel tip (pen): pen tip, including the tip of the tip all the use of ordinary alloy, feel hard, poor flexibility, fragile, not wear, so the steel tip are used in the low-end pen, pen easy to replace. China has ceased to produce pens in about 1960.

Iridium pen tip (iridium pen, now we say that the basic pen refers to the iridium pen): pen tip for the stainless steel, the tip of the use of iridium, known as iridium tablets. Iridium tablets with iridium osmium alloy, very hard wear. Iridium pen is characterized by hard nib, but cheap, is the entry of the more appropriate tools.

Golden tip (gold pen): pen tip is K gold, the tip is still iridium tablets. Pure gold is very soft, and its ductility is very strong, so the gold tip are used in gold mixed with other metal alloy, such a pen tip will be soft and hard control, good flexibility, writing feel comfortable, Writing lines beautiful, but not easy to control, not suitable for beginners. Gold pen is divided into 12K / 14K / 18K, hardness decreased. Gold pen tip of the more expensive, are used in high-end pen, and better will be plated with a layer of platinum.

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