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Pen Use Maintenance

A pen is a pen-like writing tool that uses metal as a pencil, and contains ink (mostly black or blue) through a hollow pen, through gravity and capillaries, and then written by the duckbill's writing. There are different, can be said that Western calligraphy writing tools. Most of the pen's ink can be refilled, usually using vials such as eye drops or straws to fill the ink. The earliest historical record about the water jar can be traced back to the 10th century, and this earliest water-filled pen was used until the 18th century. The development process was slow, but until the early nineteenth century, in the production process invented a stable flow of the pen. Only three key inventions, but the pen has become a widely popular writing tool. The invention is: iridium made of gold pen tip, hard rubber and free flowing ink.

Selection method

When we use the pen,

Some parameters are not visible. But we can still use some skills to draw the pen is good or bad, we take the market more popular example of the pen, for example,

A, pen tip slip can pull out the pen holder, take the pen tip on the white paper movement. General pen tip grinding difficulty is the side, we do the experiment, with the pen 30 degrees left, and the right side of 30 degrees, moving on white paper. If still smooth, indicating that the tip of the sliding is guaranteed.

B, the main reason for leakage is the clarity of the pen is not good. We can block the pen tip, squeeze the pen. If the feeling is very difficult to squeeze, then the water leakage is very good. Of course, leak-tightness is a comprehensive parameter.

C, continuous writing time, and intermittent writing time is the pen of good or bad soul. If you buy a pen, can not guarantee continuous writing and intermittent writing, is equivalent to a waste. Depending on the width of the writing, the writing time is different. But usually the necessary time is at least 30 minutes.

D, some mechanical properties, such as pen clip clamping force, parts of the mechanical properties, pen sets of tension, which are the user care. Mechanical properties generally do not require any appliances, can be tested by hand. Users can pay attention to these details when selecting. Especially for some precious pens.

E, for the average user, the more concerned about the appearance of the pen. Very dazzling, is the general idea of using the pen. The gift pen, model and color match, such as Ze Kai, have more than a thousand kinds of distribution options. Parker is basically a month to design three or four new models, it seems that the major pen manufacturers are making a big look in the appearance of the article.

From the user's point of view, the choice of pen is actually an art of washing. Because the pen manufacturers are undoubtedly the artist, put the pen as the creation of art. Is a taste, a luxury. It makes sense.

Use maintenance

New pen hand

The general pen after the hands of the water can be used normally, do not need to say as a new person to take a new bubble. Of course, sometimes it will inevitably encounter the pen is not water or dry tip of the situation, this time a little deal is necessary. The general need to clean the pen is to buy back after the pen, because some pen in the factory inspection pen tip or in the counter after the customer test pen ink is not cleaned, a long time the composition of the ink condensation, plug the pen tip Ink tank, so it will lead to poor water. This situation needs to remove the pen tip, into the warm water (avoid boiling water) soak for half an hour, and then dry, installed after the general can be used normally. If still not, can extend the soaking time. Or do not need to remove the pen metal sheet, and then use a small brush to clean the pen tongue on the back of the ink tank and the entire capillary structure (that is, the top part of the pen tip of those small cracks). Out of water is also likely to be the reason for the pen tip itself. One is the tip of the tip of the pen tip is too narrow, this time can usually write when the pen posture will be slightly under the pen tip pressure, to maintain one to two seconds, or can use thin blade to expand the stitch, but be careful. The second reason is that the ink tank is too narrow, this time you need to use a thin blade to expand the ink tank, the same should be careful. Some new pens, just started with some water will be poor, it is because the new pen factory is like this, not too nervous. After writing two or three days, the pen on the grinding, and will write a lot.


When writing, should be in the paper pad under the draft paper to enhance the flexibility of the pen tip to reduce friction. Do not write in the metal and other hard materials to prevent damage to the pen tip. Avoid using different inks for daily use to avoid clogging the pen. The pen should be washed once every month or so, to keep the ink flowing smoothly, such as the use of carbon ink should be washed more clean. If the pen is not used for long periods, it should be washed and kept. And do not overwork when writing.


General cleaning time can be repeated water until the discharge of water to clean, dry can. If the interval is long to clean or intend to clean the pen, you need to separate the parts were cleaned. After the initial split is divided into five parts: nib, converter (ink / ink bag), holding the pen, pen cap, pen. The latter two are generally not necessary to clean. And the pen tip of the metal part and the pen tongue (ink structure) should be further open, the tip of the metal sheet rinse with water, and the whole ink structure can be carefully used to brush the old toothbrush, and then immersed in warm water for a night. All parts after cleaning dry, and so completely dry can be installed sealed. Of course, different pen structure is different, not all the pen can be opened, for difficult to split the pen, can only use the first method of cleaning, do not force the removal of damaged pen.

Here need to say, there is a known as the "calligraphy pen" elbow pen, with a large change in the size of the characteristics of writing strokes. When used, the pen down some, strokes on the rough, can write slightly larger words; pen up some, strokes on the fine, can write a little word. This pen is more powerful than ordinary pen, often used to write envelopes and other large fonts. But with this pen to write a certain degree of difficulty, beginners should not use it to practice the word.

Finally, there should be special attention: Do not use boiling water or overheating water to clean the pen, otherwise it will hurt the pen. In particular, there are some well-known pen brand will use a called "celluloid" material production pen, such as Gabriel, hot water will cause serious damage to this material! And do not let the water hit the tip of the pen, otherwise it may cause the pen to be lighter or unable to write.

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