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Pen What Classic And Easy To Use

What are the classic easy to use pen

Hero 100

Leaving this day is mainly because a little pen plot in the inside, playing pen can not even support the domestic pen are not it Hero is a good way to write me but not easy to use the example, writing did not have to say, especially in my reputation with a book, smooth and soft waxy, particularly comfortable. It is not easy to use it mainly because the pen pen clip feel the hand, the ink is still pressure on the ink, the other is often penrot criticized the blasting problem. Overall is still very good, I think can not miss.

LAMY2000 / F tip

This is the first time I am in writing to feel the surprise of the pen, then just into the pit, then get the hands of writing a few words, the heart surging incomparable, "This is not the feeling of hot knife cut butter" The Then ask yourself. 2000 from the design or the process is perfect, so I am amazing the combination of the piston and the pen can be so strict fit. Daily Jiapin, daily Jiapin, daily Jiapin.

Vesconi Van Gogh Iris / F tip

As it is mainly because of the value of the pull, ha ha ha. This pen is like the Van Gogh's paintings Iris to overturned, and the entire canvas into the pen, really very beautiful. Writing this pen is also remarkable, the tip of the steel tip, writing hard and elastic, did not fall off the chain, so I have a new understanding of the Italian pen.

Write music 21k / M sharp

This may be my most daily pen, and mainly feel everything is handy, weight, and pen touch, size, etc., make me feel very comfortable, of course, in addition to the ink is not smooth enough. This pen is relatively thick writing, ink up the ink storage can not keep up. But this pen polished and the book is really good, smooth and accompanied by sound effects, there are rustling sound blessing, so that writing more feel, this flexibility is also very good, it is suitable for writing Chinese, so this pen I use Used in the practice of words.

Gabriel M800 / EF tip

I only contact a hundred gold, then do homework, said to buy 400 or grass will be 800, and ultimately into the 800, so in order to save money simply step in place, the results are now deeper and deeper, The Say that the profits are now slag, I do not know how to come out of the conclusion, at least I think it is very easy to use ah. Pen tip polished round, writing a wide angle, hard slippery, daily praise a pen ah. To say the shortcomings I think the material is not very wearable, like a clip is prone to hair marks, pen and pen cap contact place prone to twist marks. There is a penrot criticized the focus of the problem, I'd feel better The whole lot of the atmosphere is also quite the value of the day worth having

Montblanc P146 / F tip

To say low-key I think Montblanc is much lower than the Baili gold, but for the day of the small white flowers, like 146 this pen will cause other people's attention? Montblanc is the most attractive place is the nib iridium grain polished, full of fine, do not borrow magnifying glass, with the naked eye can see very clear. Size, weight are very pleasing, in order to avoid pen cap friction pen, pen cap wider than the pen, see the details of the Department is also quite intentions. Writing sometimes there will be a pen from the white, it seems that MontBlanc is a common problem, writing feeling iridium grain large, visually like a pen on the surface of the feeling, smooth with a sense of damping, elastic, it is easy to write Variety of font strokes, is indeed a Montblanc.

Hui Bojia Earl Classic / F tip

This is the second branch so that I am in the writing experience on the surprise of the money, and immediately be lap powder, as a gou of powder. The first shortcomings, because in addition to this point I think the lack of, I can not find any shortcomings of this pen, this point is the pen grip too fine. Hui Bo Jia's value that Needless to say, very high! Writing on the soft shells smooth, gently pen, you can immediately get the tip of the feedback, like to open how much, arbitrary, it is amazing, HANDMADE IN GERMANY really is not worthy of the name ah.

Parker Standard Century / F Point

Soya gave me the feeling of material is particularly good material, feel warm, smooth, open the cap cap sound is very pleasant. Its long history, there are a large number of loyal fans, daily, collection are excellent. Writing is also hard and smooth elasticity, oblique on the pen when the feeling will feel a little scraping paper, Parker ink is not like iron beads to increase the flow of ink, so sometimes there will be broken ink, you can use the flow Stronger ink improves.

Above the pen I am very fond of, and often used for daily writing and painting, but now still looking for a better pen, in this process to learn the knowledge

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