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Pen Writing Tools

Pen, as a writing tool, like a watch, is not only functional, but also has the function of decoration (BI). Presumably stationery control at hand have one or two heart good, whether it is expensive or relatively inexpensive, has its character.

Recently a lot of stationery control private morning sister "how to maintain the beloved pen", in fact, the secret of longevity pen in addition to careful use, can not be less than the usual maintenance and cleaning, some people think that washing pen is a troublesome thing, but for enthusiasts, dismantling and soaking also has unlimited fun.

If you use ink-absorbing device, it is very simple to wash in general condition:

1. extruding the remaining ink in the ink-absorbing device

2, the ink-absorbing device after cleaning, and then the nib will be water extrusion

3, repeat the second step and wipe the nib and the pen (ink system and ink-suction connector also often stained with ink)

4. Determine the color of the extruded water and then wrap the nib with tissue paper and gently shake off some of the water.

5, separate the parts in a cool ventilated place to dry

In the pen use, some people will be accustomed to use the ready-made ink tube (ink-bag-type pen), no ink-suction device In the case of the wash pen more time:

1. Turn on the faucet and keep the small water flow

2. Flush the nib down into the water, and take it out every little time with a tissue paper and wrap it around the nib.

3, repeat the second step, if there is still ink after repeated many times, you can soak the nib in water, after a period of time to repeat the second step

4, determine the cleaning, the various parts in a cool place to dry and then collect

If your pen is squeeze-type ink, it is also recommended that you quickly switch to push-pull ink, because the ink rubber material time is long and easy to use aging, to bring difficulties.

The heavy weight of pen maintenance is the choice of ink. The ink system and nib of the pen are very precise parts, how to make the ink complement these precision parts is a learning, any ink has a unique temperament, and to maintain the ink for the purpose of selecting inks, it is recommended to comply with the following principles:

Carbon Ink plugging pen notorious long-standing, this is no wonder, carbon ink belongs to the pigment ink, there is carbon precipitation, easy to block the ink system in the subtle place, the cost of the pen. If you do not have long-term preservation and other special requirements, generally do not recommend the use of carbon ink, if you must use, it is best to ensure that pens are written daily, and regular cleaning of pens is good.

Pen nib is generally divided into gold tips and iridium Gold pointed two categories, the former made of gold alloy, the latter made of stainless steel, the two nib have platinum alloy or similar wear-resistant cemented carbide, and in addition to the pen also has a number of metal materials. such as high school chemistry, metal susceptible to acidic liquid corrosion, maintenance of pens, the big key is to choose a less corrosive ink, that is, ph value of about 7 or 7 of the ink.

Different chemical liquid admixture is easy to produce precipitate, just like carbon ink, precipitate is very easy to block pen injury pen, so it is very not recommended to mix ink. If you want to change from one kind of ink to another, it is recommended that you wash your pen first, and then take the part apart into warm water to clean it.

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