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Pencil Development Stage

The pencil is a pen class used for writing and drawing sketching. It has a history of more than 400 years. Among them, pencils are divided into three types, which are divided into three stages: graphite, wood Pencil, with cap pencil; In addition, its color is red and white, black and white, yellow and other stripes.

Pencil appearance

Divided into pencil cap and pencils in two parts: pencil cap appearance of the main decorative materials for the polyester material, the production process can be divided into mold, offset, assembly and other processes to complete. Pencil poles The main decorative materials are nitrocellulose pencil paint, printing ink, foil, rubber and aluminum hoop, and so on. Production process can be divided into pencil panels, lead, pencils, finished products such as decorative process.

Pencil plate processing will open the wood, cut off, open the side saw into a wooden block, after the heat treatment by cutting machine into a pencil plate. Plate length 184mm, width 73mm, thickness 4.8 ~ 5.2mm. And then heated (60 ~ 120 ℃) dry and high temperature (130 ~ 200 ℃) denaturation treatment, so that the pencil plate to soften the degree of easy to roll.

The lead core processing graphite lead is made of graphite and clay according to a certain proportion, the kneading machine, three-roll machine after mixing, through the pressure die extrusion of a certain size (such as HB ~ 3H lead diameter of 1.80 ~ 2.10mm) lead, by heating (50 ~ 150 ℃) drying and high temperature (800 ~ 1100 ℃) roasting, it has a certain mechanical strength and hardness, and finally made by oil immersion treatment. The color lead is similar to graphite lead, but does not require sintering. There are two kinds of processing methods: one is clay, talc, adhesives, colorants, greases and waxes and other mixed evenly after forming, drying and made, known as the mixing method; the other is the clay, talc , Pigment and adhesive, etc. are mixed evenly after extrusion into lead or the dry lead core placed in the oil core container, at a certain temperature to make it fully absorb grease and made, known as oil immersion method.

The pencil bar is machined with a pencil planer and cut into a groove plate with a thickness of 4.1 to 4.2 mm and a core groove adapted to the diameter of the lead core. Then, the adhesive is used to bond the lead and the pencil sheet together. (50 ~ 120 ℃) after drying for 1 to 8 hours, the workpiece was machined into a white rod pencil with a length of 178 to 180 mm.

The appearance of decorative processing will be white pencil pencil and printing decoration, and cut light, print trademarks, rubber head, cap and other processing, making it a certain size, appearance color and pattern of finished pencil.

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