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Pencil Historical Evolution Caused

Today's pencils are not leaded, but are made of graphite and clay, which is the result of their historical evolution.

Ancient Greece and Rome used metal lead to make pencil-like lead rods. Pencil They are cone-shaped and leave traces of lead after rubbing with other objects to mark them.

In the 14th century, similar pencils appeared in Europe.

In the 1565, Pencil the United Kingdom began to use graphite as the core, handmade the most original wooden pole pencil.

1662, Germany built the world's first pencil factory.

In the past 1790-1793 years, French Kant used clay to bond graphite into a pen core, which laid the foundation for modern pencil industry. Pencil In the pencil the pen usually has the hardness mark, H denotes the hard pencil, the front number is bigger the hardness is bigger: B is soft pencil, the front digit is more big core softer. HB is a soft and hard pencil, suitable for everyday writing.

Since lead is written on rocks or walls, there will be black marks, so in ancient Greek and Roman times, people used lead as a drawing and writing tool. Pencil Ancient China, written on silk silk and paper, if there is a mistake, the lead powder alteration, so the ancient prose does have a word "pencil", but unlike modern pencils.

In the 15th century, when graphite was discovered, people did not know what the graphite was, and called it "Black Lead" (Blacklead). In the 1492, Pencil the British began to use a pen made of graphite, Pencil called pencils. It was not until 1779 that the scientists knew that graphite was a form of carbon. "From the graphite grinding into powder, mixed with the clay, and then poured into the two semicircle-shaped wood pipe made in recent years also has a plastic pen listed."

In order to meet various needs, the graphite and clay can be mixed in different proportions, the mixing ratio is different, the nature and the use of the core are different. For example, Pencil as a sketch of the core need to be soft, black one points; students write their homework with a hard, lighter color. When we buy pencils, we should pay attention to the markings on the pen, where H stands for hard (hard), F stands for Solid (Firm), and B stands for boldface (bold). According to the information supplied by the manufacturer, the various pencils are from soft to hard order

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