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Pencil Use Attention

Pencil is a pen class used for writing and painting sketching. It has been around four hundred years. Among them, pencils are divided into three types, which are divided into three stages: Graphite, wooden pen, with cap pencil; In addition, its color is red and white, black and white, yellow and other stripes,

development stage

The first stage

The birth of graphite: At this point the "graphite pencil stick" is still in just can meet the original stage of writing;

In 1564, in England, a place called Barrodale, people found a black mineral - graphite. Soon, some of the local shepherd found that you can use graphite in the sheep body marked. Inspired by this, people cut the pieces of graphite into strips and paintings. But the graphite bar is easy to dirty hands, and easy to break. In 1761, the German chemist Faber solved the problem: he first polished the graphite ore into powder, washed with water to impurities, to obtain pure graphite powder; then, he was in the graphite powder mixed with sulfur, antimony, rosin and so on And then the mixture is heated and solidified and pressed into a pen shape, which is the earliest prototype of the pencil.

second stage

The birth of the wooden pen: After a hundred years of development, this time the "pencil" into its own evolution of the initial stage, the emergence of wooden pencil pole, a "pencil" semi-finished products, the market mainly for such pencil, The user needs to be re-cut to use;

In view of today's vision, Conde invented the "pencil" is actually only pencil lead. To the pencil core sets of wood "jacket" task, in 1812, the United States called William Monroe carpenter completed. Monroe invented the machine can cut out the length of 5 to 18 cm of standardized fine wood, and in the middle of the fine wood dug a just suitable for the pencil core groove. Put the pencil core into the tank, then the two pieces of wood on the tight, bonding, which made the first modern sense of the pencil pole. Until today, this is still the standard process of making ordinary pen.

The third phase

The birth of a pencil pencil: With the large number of pencils used, the traditional pencil pole of a series of problems are exposed, to bring a lot of trouble, such as: the use of unsanitary, easy to break pen, easy to carry, etc., gave pencil industry Of the progressive development has brought new challenges, and the emergence of cap pencil is to solve the modern pencil industry in product innovation encountered in the development of bottlenecks.

Use attention

1, pencil core toxic? In fact, pencil core is not toxic. Lead is toxic, and the main raw material for making pencil lead is graphite and clay, of course, no poison.

Pencil pen is the main component of graphite and clay, graphite is a scaly metal luster of the solid, which has a carbon-carbon chemical bond between the layer and the layer is van der Waals force, carbon-carbon chemical bond is very stable, It is difficult, and that is why the diamond and graphite are made of carbon, but the physical properties and price difference is very large, the human body can not damage the carbon-carbon chemical bond, so sure that the pencil lead is safe (unless Is inside the clay plus harmful to human health).

2, pencils have metal poison?

The appearance of the pencil has a package mold or pencil paint technology, on the one hand to protect the pen, on the other hand to increase the appearance, but the pigment will contain trace heavy metals, a small amount of contact will not be affected, but bite the pen to eat mouth or not Proper.

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