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Plastic Pencil Beautiful Appearance

All plastic pencils made of discarded plastic pencils are made of waste plastics, Plastic Pencil and even the color decoration with the lead and the appearance is not painted or baked. It is made of plastic pencil core machine, 3 sets of equipment into a molding machine, electronic control color selection, the production of pencil looks exquisite, not eccentric, broken core, reeling hardness moderate, Plastic Pencil to overcome the wood pencil sticky sticky open plastic, yin and yang board, the appearance of tone and color rough insufficient. More valuable is that it completely eliminated the paint, eliminating the harmful toxins on the human body against; and bid farewell to the wood, reasonable and effective protection of the national forest resources; the most critical is the plastic lead to make waste foam, Beverage bottles, plastic lunch boxes and other "white pollution" turning waste into treasure, low production costs, market prospects and economic benefits are very impressive, Plastic Pencil had contact with plastic products produced by friends is easy to get started production. The production technology is described as follows: First, the raw materials after the recycling of waste polyethylene (referred to as Pe renewable particles), additives AC blowing agent, calcium stearate, graphite, 400 mesh talc, white oil, titanium dioxide , Plastic Pencil Fluorescent color materials and so on. Above the raw materials are sold for chemical stores.

 Second, the formula 1, lead formula: polystyrene 20 kg, 76 kg of graphite, carbon black 1.5 kg, 2.5 kg of calcium stearate.

2, pen formula: polystyrene 8 kg, 15 kg of polyethylene, talcum powder 75 kg, AC blowing agent 2 kg, a little pigment. 3, pencil recipe (pencil skin can replace the appearance of decorative paint): 25 kg of polyethylene, white oil 0.5 kg, 1 kg of titanium dioxide, pigment 0.2 kg, Plastic Pencil (according to the color requirements can be selected red, orange, yellow, Green, blue, blue, purple and cream, all white and other information). Third, the production process and operation methods 1, select 50 plastic extruder on the lead, pen, pen three kinds of raw materials were extrusion granulation. The specific method of operation is: first heating the extruder barrel heated to 100 ℃ -150 ℃, start the extruder, and then have been matched with a good lead, pen,Plastic Pencil pen three raw materials, Over, pen squeeze 2 times, pen squeeze 1 times bagging spare.

2, pencil molding, select the 30 plastic extruder 3, according to the 45-degree angle placed fixed, 3 machine extruder head outlet installation 1 co-extruded mold, after the installation of the first air machine operation , After the normal three were extruded to 180 ℃. ① respectively, Plastic Pencil the lead, pen, pen skin fruit raw materials added to the corresponding extruder hopper. ② start lead core extruder out of the lead, the rapid introduction of the mold, and then start the pen extruder, the pen will automatically wrap the lead lead from the mold, and then start the pen machine hanging color, all three processes Normal after the finished pencil into the cooling tank, Plastic Pencil the tractor will be cooled after the pencil leads, and then cut off the polished machine according to the provisions of the length of the cut after the finished pencil, Plastic Pencil test packaging after storage. ③ If you produce cartoon images of colored children's pencils, do not need to start the pen machine, just produce a white lead pencil wrapped around the lead with a cartoon film (more than 200 kinds of patterns), automatic shrink after the finished color cartoon pencil.

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